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10 Digital Transformation Influencers You Should Know About

Digital Transformation Influencers

Digital transformation has set the business world alight, as a crucial initiative for modern companies that must evolve or risk getting left behind.

For a company to remain competitive it must stay relevant, which means keeping up with the latest technological trends.

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But how do you make digital innovation a reality?

Leading change is the most difficult component, since there are many barriers to overcome.

It”s a challenging proposition, but fortunately some of the biggest digital transformation experts in the world share informative insight on their social media platforms.

There is a lot to be learned from powerhouses of the digital business world, which is why we’ve inspired you with this list of 10 digital transformation influencers who have transcended the digital space as we know it.

Learn how to implement a top-notch digital transformation strategy by taking heed of these top digital transformation influencers!

1. Isaac Sacolick

Isaac Sacolick

9.4K Twitter Followers:

5K Linkedin Followers:


What more can you say about such an accomplished professional.

President, CIO, digital transformer, and agile innovator.

Isaac is ranked as a top 100 CIO, where his main mission is heading StarCIO.

He assesses cloud migrations, technology, product development, agile transformation, and much more.

Sacolick has written his own book “Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology”.

Isaac owns a blog too, “Driving Digital Transformation”, where he constantly updates followers with tips and tricks.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“You really have to start challenging what I call ‘sacred cows,’ the things that made you successful in the past that may no longer be relevant or important to your future. You need to have a culture that says: We are going to re-look at everything”.

“businesses really have to reimagine what markets they want to be in and how they want to rebuild legacy products as digital and data-backed experiences. The competition in their own markets is going to get tougher. To have long-term impact, organizations need to be competitive with emerging technologies, whether it’s with AI, blockchain, or IoT.”

2. Ronald Van Loon

Ronald Van Loon

176k Twitter Followers:

37K Linkedin Followers:


Ronald specializes in data-driven industries, where he can leverage years of expertise to generate value.

He is without question one of the biggest figures in big data, an influencer with considerable power and authority.

He is also an expert in Data Science, AI, and IoT, frequently writing on these topics while staying true to his digital transformation roots.

Ronald posts most articles he writes on his website, alongside having a group called “Awesome Ways Big Data is Used to Improve Our World”.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“This is enabling a real-time data and analytics infrastructure that”s augmenting business capabilities and efficiency levels in any data driven industry or consumer product. We”re going to be really experiencing how Machine Learning can enhance our daily lives and our own capabilities as humans.”

“Machine Learning cost-effectiveness, speed, responsiveness, and intelligent automation are important elements that will factor into its continued extensive adoption by large companies in 2018.”

3. Holger Mueller

Holger Mueller

41.8k Twitter Followers:

7.7K Linkedin Followers:


VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Mueller has quantifiable experience in the digital transformation field.

He has often prioritized enabling the cloud, IaaS, big data, analytics, and other technologies which have had an earth-shattering impact in recent years.

He emphasizes applicability to the practitioner with SaaS development, and contributes fantastic content at his blog “Enterprise Software Musings by Holger Mueller”.

He blogs on everything, offering actionable advice others can utilize on their quest to digitalization.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“So how do I get a digital workplace, which is not just the canvas, but are all my systems operating together in sync? To bring the whole workplace together in one friction-free place, that’s what the digital canvas is for me.”

“Give the people the productivity tools they need and bring all that content together from a single sign-on perspective.”

4. Brian Solis

Brian Solis

281k Twitter Followers:

308K Linkedin Followers:


A celebrity of sorts, Brian has built his influence with a strong social media following and visionary personality.

He is a Digital Analyst and Futurist, as well as an award-winning author.

His book “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” captivates audiences across the world, and Brian continues to share his experiences with many international keynote speeches.

Solis has fully grasped the rise of digital transformation, appreciating and understanding its importance in ways others can only dream of.

He shares his advice with those who need it most, while continuing to sharpen his knowledge on disruptive technology, particularly how it influences society.

Brian humanizes technology, a unique insight for executives.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital transformation, you’ll love his take on culture, the future of industries, behavior, trends, and customer experience.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“The good thing about social media is it gives everyone a voice. The bad thing is … it gives everyone a voice.”

“Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”

“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.”

5. Rob Llewellyn

Rob Llewellyn

16.7k Twitter Followers:

29.5K Linkedin Followers:


Founder of CXO Transform and Transformation Advisor, Rob steers businesses towards digital success using incredible insight and wisdom.

He offers advice to multinational businesses and leaders to ensure they undertake successful digitalization.

Tackling the difficult task of coordinating large companies is certainly not easy, but with more than two decades helping some of the best companies in the world, Rob is a highly trustworthy figure.

Rob is widely considered one of the most influential digital transformation experts on the planet, alongside having one of the best Twitter accounts in the landscape!

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“Software is eating the world.”

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”

6. Maggie Fox

Maggie Fox

17.5k Twitter Followers:

1.6K Linkedin Followers:


Maggie, a digital transformation leader, and works for a data-driven marketing company called Aeroplan where she’s also CMO.

Maggie gives many speeches on digital transformation, educating audiences with useful knowledge.

She founded the world’s first social media consultancy, and is responsible for bridging the gap for collaboration between startups and large enterprises.

She is a senior B2B and B2C executive, and empowers people with support and guidance for exceptional results.

Oh and just in case you thought Maggie hadn’t achieved enough, she was also responsible for a three-year transformation project which revolutionized SAP.

One incredible lady!

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“If things are not going the way you’d hoped, if your project or initiative is not being supported as you might like, don’t assume that others are trying to derail you”

“Eighty percent of all sales, and it doesn’t matter what they are, involve a search at some point.”

7. Craig Brown

Craig Brown

48.6k Twitter Followers:

702K Linkedin Followers:


A leading technology expert with more than 28 years in the industry.

Craig is actually a doctor, and has regularly engaged in Fortune 1000 projects as a Big Data expert.

But that’s not all, a technology and business consultant and generous philanthropist too.

Brown offers advice without technical jargon, useful for those who can’t easily digest complex information.

He uses an advanced approach to helping the everyday person solve everyday challenges, and companies heavily lean on his expertise.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“Wearable tech in the enterprise grows, but few workplace uses exist: Take a glance at the wrists of your co-workers, and you’re likely to see more and more of them adorned with smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other…”

“The web turns 30: from proposal to pervasion”

8. Michael Krigsman

Michael Krigsman

33.4k Twitter Followers:

13K Linkedin Followers:


Host of CXOTALK and industry analyst, Krigsman is renowned for his innovative ideas and comforting voice.

Discover his analysis on radio, but at influential keynote speeches too.

With 100s of live interviews under his belt, Michael has been referenced many times in the media and news, including more than 50 books published under highly reputable circumstances.

His list of accomplishments and fascinating career go hand in hand, as Krigsman maintains a role as columnist for ZDNet, honorary positions at the Dartmouth center for digital strategies, and is a member of the IEEE committee.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“It’s difficult to discuss how to achieve CRM implementation success without acknowledging the all too frequently cited CRM implementation failure rates.”

“There is cautious optimism that cloud or SaaS CRM may lower several implementation risk variables and ultimately lessen CRM implementation failure rates.”

“Is it fair to say that innovation is the heart of digital transformation?”

9. Howard Tiersky

Howard Tiersky

5.2K Twitter Followers:

6.3K Linkedin Followers:


CEO of digital transformation agency FROM, Howard is responsible for running a team of 75 professionals.

These people work in multiple remote locations around the world, where Howard places emphasis on growing revenue in multinational digital channels.

Tiersky is responsible for keeping companies up-to-speed, those which would otherwise lose touch with today’s modern business world.

He dips into innovations cycles to deliver impressive digital transformation advice, is a pioneer of digital entertainment, and has been involved with ‘Funny Garbage’ for some time.

He also founded digital consultancy firm ‘Moving Interactive’.

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“Much of the industry has recognized that to be successful in this new digital world, they need to adapt their customer experience to deliver an elegant omnichannel journey.”

“We expect [startups in which we invest] to disrupt us. It’s what we want them to do.”

10. Greg Satell

Greg Satell

16.3k Twitter Followers:

9.5K Linkedin Followers:


A highly notable author, advisor, and speaker who is a regular contributor for the Harvard Business Review.

Writing for many elite publications, Greg has also navigated organizations through digital disruption, engaging powerful tools and programs to help.

Satell spent more than twenty years as a senior executive CEO. He currently advises companies to design innovative playbooks to overcome the difficulties of change.

Greg has a complete list of programs at eSpeakers, where he regularly references crushing the competition!

Top Digital Transformation Quotes:

“The DotCom Bust Could Have Killed O’Reilly Media, But It Learned To Reinvent Its Business Model And Built A New Future”

“It’s Not Enough To Drive Change, You Also Have To Survive Victory”

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