What is Digital Adoption?

This term has picked up buzz in recent years, thanks to the growing presence of digital technology in the work and consumer space.

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Digital adoption is defined as achieving full usage of your technological investments. More specifically, it means using technology as it is intended and to the fullest extent.  

It is important to distinguish digital adoption from:

  • Software Purchasing – This simply refers to buying a new tool or platform
  • Software Deployment – This only refers to installing and deploying software within an organization
  • Software Implementation – This refers to the integration phase of a new digital tool

Digital adoption encompasses these concepts, but places greater emphasis on the user’s ability to take full advantage of the tool’s features.

Central to digital adoption is the concept of “making full use” of a technology. A company that only makes partial use of a tool has not fully adopted it.

Many companies today understand the benefits that come with full digital adoption, such as:

  • Greater employee productivity and overall performance
  • A competitive business advantage
  • Boosted ROI on software investments

These benefits, among others, have helped to highlight the importance of this term.

It should be noted that digital adoption is not the same as:

These terms are encompassed under the overall trend of digital evolution. However, they each have their own specific meanings.

Today, the need for full digital adoption has become so important that a new industry has sprung up to facilitate it.

For instance, the digital adoption platform (DAP), is a solution specifically designed to facilitate adoption.

These platforms are able to drastically improve:

  • User adoption timelines
  • Employee learning curves
  • Software ROI
  • User productivity

And more.

Those companies that are committed to continual digital improvement have even created job positions to manage digital adoption.

These job positions are often aptly titled Digital Adoption Managers.

Digital technology is impacting every industry, technology-related or not.

Any company that wants to maximize the ROI of their digital technology should explore digital adoption in great depth.

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