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How do you get users through business processes that are automated?

User acquisition is one of the most important – and challenging – processes for any software business.

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However, with the right approach, it’s possible to acquire new users affordably and effectively.

Below, we will look at a solid approach to doing just that.

But first, let’s look at some of the biggest challenges you’ll face:

Challenges to Cost-Effective User Acquisition

There are many challenges that can, in some cases, be insurmountable:


Costs are rising across the board, for every software solution. 

This pressure is felt by B2B SaaS platforms, mobile apps, web apps, and everything in between. 

Competition, for instance, drives up the price of advertising, increases marketplace noise, and decreases customer tolerance for poor experiences. 

All of which contributes to increased user acquisition costs.


Loyalty is another victim of the competitive marketplace. 

With so many applications on the market, customers are more likely to switch brands. 

A single poor experience can drive a loyal customer away … or deter prospects. 

This fragility, in turn, decreases lifetime values. 


Effective training is a must, especially for complex B2B software platforms. 

SaaS solutions often require a skill set to operate. 

Yet acquiring those skills takes time and effort. 

User frustration and fatigue can cause productivity to stagnate. 


User onboarding – customer onboarding or employee onboarding – is a critical stage of the acquisition funnel. 

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