Measuring the success of your digital adoption initiatives is not just about numbers. Digital adoption impact can be felt in many ways and by all members of the workforce.

Organizations should look to measure the impact of the whole process. It’s not simply about onboarding employees to digital platforms and expecting them to use them.

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Since digital transformation is an ongoing process, companies must determine metrics to quantify and qualify the effectiveness of digital adoption.

A survey by McKinsey found that the percentage of employees who believe their leaders regularly assess the ongoing impact of change efforts declined from 47% in 2014 to 39% in 2017.

“Treating software implementation as a one-and-done deal is a big mistake. Usability, productivity, and even the number of active users are important metrics to monitor on an ongoing basis.”

If the company’s employees lose confidence in upper management to continually monitor digital adoption impact and other change progress, they will be less enthusiastic about future initiatives.

This article was written by: Digital Adoption Team