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All who have embraced the changes of the digital world have seen it modify the way they live and work. Nearly every type of transaction – from how and when we communicate with family and friends to how we buy food, clothes, tickets or pretty much anything – has been altered by digital technology. Today, the effort it takes to dial into a conference call, instant message your boss, accept a meeting invite, check the status of an install, or order a gift for your mother doesn’t even require you to get out of bed.

So, if we are all changing as individuals in response to rapidly advancing technology, why are so many businesses still following the same processes they followed five years ago? In an earlier CIO blog, I noted that research revealed only five percent of businesses, both in 2016 and 2018, had achieved the fully-matured digital transformation level of “digital leader.” This leaves an enormous amount of opportunity for businesses to transform and benefit from data analytics advantages such as:

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