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CIOs clearly need to get closer to their firm’s marketing team and the CMO. Marketing, for most, is the major stakeholder for what IT does in digital transformation. For this reason, I wanted to understand what the role of IT has been in mapping the customer journey. Specifically, what role does IT have in helping marketing discover customer touch points and resolve their points of friction?

Is CX paramount to your organization’s success?

CIOs started by saying that IT and digital transformation are ubiquitous. So yes, there is an IT role in the customer journey. CIOs have gotten wise and say having on-par products, on price, fit, quality, etc. enables their organizations to compete more effectively. They say CX is what keeps customers around. The CIOs perspective fits with the research Forrester has done on the positive business returns resulting from good customer experience.

This article was written by: Myles F. Suer