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In product companies of all types, product management has played a key role in defining product smashes and product failures and everything in between. Product management started in 1931 with a memo written by Neil H. McElroy at Procter & Gamble. McElroy defined product management as being about everything from tracking sales to managing product, advertising, and promotions.

The question for CIOs—as digital transformation fuels demand for digital products—is project management still relevant or do digital products need instead product management. I know CIOs have been thinking about product management for some time. When I was a product management leader at HP Software, I remember Allan Hackney, then CIO of John Hancock, saying to his team that he needed more people wired like me. However, does digital transformation and the emergence of what Forrester is calling micro apps/digital products change the game.

This article was written by: Myles F. Suer