I was never a particularly good surfer. I did manage to stand up on a board when I was a junior lifeguard. But I did become a reasonably good body surfer. As a body surfer, you would look for two things:

  1. Are sets breaking correctly?
  2. Are you correctly positioned to catch a ride?

When both are right, you can take a long ride. When they aren’t, you need to dive underneath and wait for the next wave or set of waves.

Today’s businesses are like body surfers needing to dive underneath as the regularity of waves increases. The problem is body surfers can only stay underneath so long. Something that is hard to do as the waves become larger and even more disruptive. In Geoffrey Moore’s book Zone to Win, he shares that the frequency of waves is only going to increase and how more and more businesses are missing a wave that fundamentally changes their business model. Geoffrey suggests the difference between winners and losers is that winners can get change into what he calls ‘the transformative zone’. Organizations that do so remain relevant to their customers. The question is how good are most organizations at change management? I posed the question to my weekly #CIOChat group.

This article was written by: Myles F. Suer

This article was originally published on CIO.com