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As one of the largest providers of human capital management (HCM) solutions in the world, ADP is basing its digital transformation on working smarter and faster, and eliminating steps for its more than 810,000 clients. Vipul Nagrath, who has been CIO at ADP since 2015, discusses how he is changing the culture of IT to bring intelligent automation to the $14 billion global technology company.

Martha Heller: What does “digital” mean to ADP?

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Vipul Nagrath: We’ve defined four pillars to drive our digital initiatives:

  1. Eliminate work
  2. Work smarter
  3. Work faster
  4. Enable growth

A major enabler behind all of these pillars is “intelligent automation,” which means stepping back to look at processes and why you have them, and using technology to change those processes. Robotic process automation (RPA) might be a key part of a digital strategy, but it’s not a digital strategy on its own. RPA is just using a robot to do the same process as a human, serving as today’s version of macros, which have been around for decades. When you look at your processes holistically, that’s how you get a true digital transformation.

This article was written by: Martha Heller