As technology evolves so does the workplace — and with it the product management industry. While organizations are embarking on their digital adoption journeys, product managers must embrace the digital changes being made to their processes, software, and systems.

Which is why I compiled a list of some of the top product managers who are breaking barriers and embracing new technologies. They say that inspiration comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and my product management inspiration comes from following these experts on Twitter and Medium.

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This individuals on this list share all sorts of insightful content on the modern workforce, from tips and trends to insights about common product development challenges we all face in today’s age.

12 Product Managers to Follow on Twitter

Roman Pichler is an expert product manager who specializes in lean and agile practices. He is also a well-known author and teacher who dedicates his time to guiding organizations in bettering their product management strategies.

Roman Pichler (@romanpichler) | Twitter

As a founding partner at Pivot Venture Services, Paul Jackson uses his 15+ years of experience to build digital products which help companies expand their product capabilities.

Paul J (@pivotservices) | Twitter

Linda Xie is the co-founder and managing director of Scalar Capital, in addition to being an expert in all things product.

Linda Xie (@ljxie) | Twitter

Morgan Brown is a product manager at Facebook in addition to being a growth and user acquisition specialist.

Morgan Brown (@morganb) | Twitter

Ken Norton provides product and engineering support to popular brands as a partner at Google Ventures.

Ken Norton (@kennethn) | Twitter

David E. Weekly is a veteran tech founder, investor and product executive. He works to coach companies to help enhance their development and achieve product success.

David E. Weekly 🚁 (@dweekly) | Twitter

Sachin Agarwal dedicates his professional life to building ‘delightful consumer products’ as he puts it. He is a product manager at Lyft, and has worked as the product lead in various other initiatives.

Sachin Agarwal (@agarwal) | Twitter

As the product manager at Google, a renowned author, and the winner of the RailsConf Hackfest ’07, Seth Ladd is a serious product guru.

Seth Ladd (@sethladd) | Twitter

Jonathan Libov is the senior product at Blooomberg, and is a former venture capitalist turned product leader.

Jonathan Libov (@libovness) | Twitter

Lee Munroe is the director of design at OneSignal with years of product design experience behind him, he puts his experience to use as a digital product maker.

Lee Munroe (@leemunroe) | Twitter

SVP of product innovation and development at ADP, Amit Maimon is an out of the box thinker who focuses on growth-innovation.

Amit Maimon (@amit_maimon) | Twitter

Siobhan Quinn is the co-founder and CEO of Parenthoods, and currently holds the position of senior product manager at YouTube.

Siobhan Quinn (@siobhanquinn) | Twitter

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This article was written by Mark Silver