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Should you use a digital adoption platform (DAP) for SaaS digital adoption projects?

It depends on your situation.

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To answer this question, we need to learn more about:

  • The SaaS in question – how usable it is, how complex it is, what it does, and other pertinent details
  • Who the target audience is – employees, customers
  • The audience’s need – onboarding, training or education, automation, or something else
  • The organization’s needs – how big an organization is, its digital transformation agenda, its immediate goals, and so forth

After that, we can better understand the benefits of implementing a DAP. 

First, What Is a DAP?

What is a DAP and what does it do?

Digital adoption platforms are software platforms that:

  • Offer in-software guidance to users
  • Analyze user behavior to understand their needs
  • Automate mundane tasks

In short, it acts as a perfect automated teaching tool, virtual trainer, and automation platform … all rolled into one.

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