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According to Gartner, the traditional enterprise application “on premises” software industry generates approximately $300 billion annually.  

The emerging SaaS industry, a subset of the overall “Cloud Services” market, generates $46 billion annually and is expected to grow to $76 billion by 2020.  

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As you might imagine, usage of traditional enterprise software is expected to decline as SaaS grows. But either way, that’s a huge amount of money being spent on software.

How do software companies compete when there’s so much competition? By focusing on good customer adoption

What is customer adoption

Customer adoption can mean many things, but one thing’s for certain: good customer adoption is always a good thing.

Customer adoption sometimes refers to when a business wins new customers. Adoption in this sense can mean the acquisition of customers. 

Customer adoption might also refer to how customers are onboarded to and use an organization’s products or services. Adoption in this sense occurs when customers are using their provider’s tools “as intended” and to their maximum capability. 

How to drive customer adoption with Digital Adoption Solutions

Digital Adoption Solutions is a newly recognized category of technology by Gartner. The category encompasses what are known as Digital Adoption Platforms. 

The Digital Adoption Platform was pioneered by WalkMe, which still provides superior Digital Adoption Solutions today. 

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