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Which digital transformation conference should you attend?

There is certainly no shortage of digital transformation conferences, congresses, events, forums, and summits.

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However, which ones should you attend?

In this article, we will examine a number of conferences in detail, including:

  • What they cover
  • Locations and dates
  • Who should attend

And more.

Which Digital Transformation Conference Should You Attend?

Many digital transformation conferences are held in countries around the world, several times per year.

In no particular order, here is a list of conferences that focus on digital transformation (even if they don’t carry the name “digital transformation conference”).

  • The Digital Transformation Conference is an event held in several locations around the world. Speakers offer insights into their own transformation efforts, covering topics such as the user experience, customer-focused strategies, AI, and much more.
  • Another conference, named “Digital Transformation Conference,” took place in Ukraine in 2019. This conference focused heavily on AI, machine learning, and data science. Visit the website to find out the time and location for the next event.
  • The Digital Transformation Conference and Awards Ceremony is a conference located in Canada. As of this writing, the last conference took place in 2019, with an audience of more than 200. The theme was “DX 2.0: Moving from idea to implementation,” offering best practices and advice for companies that want to advance their digital capabilities.
  • The Digital Transformation Congress is an event that explores strategic trends, key technologies, and the future of the digital business world. As of this writing, the next congress will be held in Johannesburg in July 2020. Speakers include CEOs, executives, and other business leaders, who will focus on how their organizations are leading digital transformation.
  • The Tramsportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) also holds its own digital transformation conference. Naturally, their focus is on how digital transportation is affecting the transportation industry. However, speakers also cover more general topics, such as marketing, SEO, and strategy.
  • Digital Transformation Asia is a conference hosted by TM Forum. In 2019, the conference topics revolve specifically around the opportunities presented by 5G. For three days, attendees will learn about AI, big data, cloud native IT, and more. Keynote speakers come from Verizon, Air Asia, Ericsson, and more.
  • TM Forum also hosts the Digital Transformation World Conference. Events include debates, fireside chats, keynotes, exhibitions, and social gatherings in the evening. 
  • Another event to consider is the Digital Transformation Summit. As of this writing, the last event was held in Ireland, focusing on boosting business productivity through digital transformation. Speakers explored how companies can improve customer care, digital marketing, and revenue.
  • Digital Summit also holds a number of conferences throughout the United States. Locations range from Boston to Raleigh to Atlanta. Ticket prices are reasonable – and since these events are held continuously throughout the year, it is a good choice for those who want convenience and affordability.
  • Forrester hosts a number of forums that focus on digital transformation. However, Forrester also hosts forums on specific subjects, such as the customer experience, data, security, marketing, and more.
  • Dreamforce is one of the largest digital conferences in the world. Salesforce customers flock to San Francisco to learn about everything from Salesforce to digital transformation strategy. Dreamforce is a four-day event packed with informational sessions, keynotes, fireside chats, and much more.

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